Hello. I'm Than Tibbetts.

I live in Brooklyn and I'm building a curling empire.

During weekdays, you can find me at where I am Director of Engineering, Front-end.

I've previously worked with the fine folks at Fusion, LAKANA + Hearst Television, American Public Media's Public Insight Network, and Minnesota Public Radio News.

Looking to get in touch? Send me an email at than@thantibbetts.com

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Current Projects

Brooklyn Curling Center – We're going to build the first dedicated facility for curling in New York City.

Broomfitters – I'm building America's best curling equipment store.

Web Work

I am currently not entertaining new opportunities. Want to grab a ☕️ and chat about interesting things? Email me at work@thantibbetts.com.

Thanland → Blogging regularly intermitently since 2002.

Past Work

Making it easier to be a living organ donor – After noticing a discrepancy in Minnesota law, I'm working to extend paid leave benefits to living organ donors.

Most recently at Fusion, we built out Rouser, a standalone sub-site powered by React. It consumes an API delivered by WordPress.


I run Dirigible, a web design, development and hosting outfit.

B.I.C. Realty → Development. Built on ExpressionEngine. MLS data delivered by RetsRabbit and search powered by Algolia.

B.I.C. Realty

Lonely Candidate → A project that tracked instances of politicians finishing the sentence “I'm the only candidate who …” It was called ‘niche-blogging at its best’ by Andrew Sullivan, chosen as a Yahoo! Top Pick of 2007, and earned the Wonkette seal of approval as being ‘actually kind of funny.’

Is It Daylight Saving Time? → Because I can never remember.